Need Help? We are here!

Hello Jammers!
Another Grace2092 post for your entertainment!
I am bring to you, Help. I know the title is not to classy but just read.

If you are suffering or recovering from being a scammer or having the urge to scam.
If you are suffering from cyber bullying on Animal Jam or have been a past bully and regret it
If you are suffering from online addiction to Animal Jam
If you need any help of any kind


Now, I am going to give talks to jammers who either need help recovering from things they regret or getting over things in the present, Or even being bullied online, we are here to help.
Now, I have a scheduled day tomorrow so I am writing this at two in the morning. Yeah, I know, late. But its summer vaK and I have been staying irresponsibly up. Anyway, I have not told the other AJC  crew staff about this but I am sure they understand and will help in anyway possible because they are understanding people. So technically you can talk to any member including me, on Animal Jam or over email. We will be glad to help! Just comment whats on your mind if you wish to! Do not hide your voice. Speak out to get help!

Thank you for reading my post and have a good day! "Keep Jamming!"

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  1. Cool! you kinda already did this to me, though! :) Thanks again for backing me up against that mean Anonymous!

  2. my mother died last week :( i am so sad what can i do pls help?

    1. Hello,
      We/I are here to help.
      We/i Understand your loss and that thought of someone I love so much scares me. Its my biggest fear. I would love to talk to you about it and I am so sorry. It is very painful. Now, I am a Christian, I believe in Jesus so I would say pray. It helps me and I really love doing it. I prob pray about 5 times a day or more. Your mother dying is probably the hardest thing that can happen to you. But it will make you stronger and who ever mothers die you can help them. To get threw it and understand. This will make you a stronger person and she is happy in heaven. She feels no more pain and is watching over yoi guiding you threw life. You may not see her or hear her but she right now is standing right next you while you read this and loves you so much. She does not want to see you hurt. Have Faith! God Bless and if you need anymore help we are here. You can always contact me at God Bless

    2. OHH MY GOSH! I AM SO SO SO SO SOO (A million more Sos) SORRY ANONYMOUS! I wish I could help you get her back somehow... :,( But, I do agree with Ferretlove, keep praying and remember she is always watching and loving you! Stay strong! :)

    3. I know that feel mate... I know you posted this comment ages ago but I still hope you're better now. Stay strong buddy!

  3. Oops not Ferretlove I mean Grace! Sorry!

  4. I spend WAY too much time on AJ.


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