Hello Jammers!
Grace2092 here with another post!
I am bring you from Coral Canyons, Cave of Wonders store "Elegant Furniture!"
Now, you can buy a beautiful yet I might say a little spooky, Elegant Couch, Chair, and Table! For only little prices when it comes to the most expensive store in Jamaa!

1000 Gem- Elegant Chair
1000 Gem- Elegant Table
1500 Gem0 Elegant Couch
Colors: Red Blue Green Black Orange Yellow Purple Pink and White
Coral Canyons- Cave of Wonders
Elegant and Spooky
Animal Jam

Thats all for whats new in stores! Thanks for reading my post and DO NOT forget about Ferret Loves awesome party that she has been planning! Go and have a blast with a AJ welcoming! "Keep Jamming!"

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