Parasol and Jammer Wall

Hey Jammers! Welcome back to another post!

Today's new item is the lovely Parasol and can be bought at the Summer Carnival for.. 600 gems? Well, see for yourself:
Either way, I would buy one right now! It's much easier to play a game for gems than tickets. And, the item looks great on most animals! It's kinda weird that the Parasol just sticks to animal's back..

Moving on, have you heard of the Jammer Wall yet? It looks like it will be a new feature on Animal Jam soon!

It looks like a chatting page, and the backgrounds of the chat are floorings and wallpapers! This might be why the gems were moved, and the icon may be added up there! If you don't remember, there was a Daily Explorer post with a notepad that no one else had..
Full Photo Credit to: Meloetta385 owner of the AJF

The photo that was used in the post was taken down quickly and Animal Jam uploaded another one. It would make sense for that to be the icon of it. If that was the Jammer Wall, they would of have been making it for a while! I think this was taken around 2 years ago, maybe less time. What do you think?

How to see the Jammer Wall Page:
You have to be a non-member for this, and if you aren't, just make a new account! 
  1. Go to any store and click on an item
  2. Change the color of the item and the Member's Only screen should pop up.
  3. Keep on clicking the right arrow until you see the Jammer Wall screen!

That's all for today Jammers! See you on Thursday!


  1. That's a cool cheat that you shared! I'd love to see the member chatting wall. I'm a nm now sadly, and I don't plan on renewing my membership due to my inactivity on the game.
    But I'll give that trick a shot!


  2. Rats! AJHQ fixed it! I tried looking for it, nothing!


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