Ferretlove here!
Today I was in Arcticstar's den.
I changed my look and discovered a new glitch!

I was showing her my bonnet, when I saw "change eyes" on the screen! To start it, do the following:
  1. Change your look.
  2. Put on any item.
  3. Hover over the eye icon.
  4. Close out of it quickly.
To change it back:
  1. Click your picture.
  2. Take the item off.
  3. Hover over the eye icon.
  4. Close out of it quickly.
Jam on Jammers ;), 


  1. Oh YEAH! This glitch happens A LOT to me! Anyways, thank you SO much for budding me on AJ! Jam on!

  2. I would really enjoy it if jammers came to my den and jgram me about what I should improve :) Thanks!


  3. hey i was wondering how do i become a beta tester i would really love it if that would happen to me :) thanks please reply :) :D !


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