Pineapple Hat!

Hello Jammers!
Grace2092 here with another post for your entertainment!
I will be introducing you a new item from the Summer Carnival and I think you will like this.
Its a...


Yup, a Pineapple Hat! It comes in the beautiful and amazing colors of-well, you will see when I name all the things about it like ArcticStar does :D

Buy this at the Summer Carnival for a cheap price when it comes to wearing Sponge Bobs house on your head! :D Here are the followings-

Pinapple Hat
Colors: Regular Yellow Pink Purple Turquoise 
Price: 2000 Gems
Location: Summer Carnival
Game: Animal Jam
Comment: Adorable and Funny

Thanks for reading my post and have a good day! "Keep Jamming!"


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