Silver Glove

Hi jammers!
Today a new (non member) Silver Glove was released to Animal Jam! It can be purchased in Epic Wonders.
What do you think is going to happen with all this silver/gold? I predict that something will happen, something unusual... There has to be a reason why AJ is releasing all this bronze, silver, and gold!

There is also a Pet Igloo in the Penguin Party.



  1. Maybe kind of like an Animal Jam olympics... Club Penguin does a lot of that sort of thing. AJ should have themes all over Jamaa like CP has the super hero thing right now.

  2. And we should reach 200k hits today. we should have a party next saturday!

  3. I agree... I wish AJ would have parties that spread all around Jamaa.

  4. im not too excited about the silver glove... its just like the old white one.

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  6. I think there's gonna be a bronze glove next, for non members too probably. The bronze brick was non member.

    -General Rockywolf, a.k.a Duke Icywolf.

  7. I think the next glove is gonna be a bronze glove, for non members. The bronze brick was non member, right? The silver glove, silver brick. Gold glove, gold brick. Bronze glove, bronze brick.

    -General Rockywolf a.k.a Duke Icywolf.

  8. I can't believe this item is STILL in stores!

  9. I <3 this item! It looks gr8 on the wolf with a bow, and moon necklace!

  10. I have lots of these and golden gloves...


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