Blanket Resold!

Hey Jammers!
Today I was shocked when I looked at the Jam Mart Clothing catalog! Do you remember Pizzadrop's orange beta blanket? Blankets were sold in early beta, and then removed. Somehow, one survived and is now owned by Pizzadrop. Today, the blanket was resold!

Jam Mart Clothing (Jamaa Township):
Sadly it is only member. Do you think AJHQ will resell more early beta items? Which ones? Tell me in the comments!

Jam On!



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  2. Actually, the old one and only blanket (before today) is/was owned by Cair.. pizzadrop traded it to rh111, who traded it to cowsandlightbulbs, who gave it to cair.

    1. Well at least we kno that it was ACTUALLY Beta. Some peeps trade orange blankets saying that they r the Beta 1! It disgusts me!


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