Lots of New Stuff

Hi jammers!
Sorry for not posting much lately, with school wrapping up and summer (finally) starting for me, I've been pretty busy. There are lots of new items out!

Jam Mart Clothing:
In Jam Mart Clothing, there is an Aviator Hat.
Sunken Treasures:
In Sunken Treasures there is a Jellyfish Lamp and an Octopus Chair.
In the Carnival, there is a Moon Balloon!
What do you think?

PS: We should be at 200K within a few days! We're getting almost 2000 hits a day, so we'll be there soon...


  1. I will try to post more...

    I am but a mere gato in search of his next meal.

  2. The moon balloon is pretty cool!

  3. guineagirl274 AJ
    They should make a sun balloon, too! :D


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