LOTS of New Items

Hi jammers!
Sorry about the delay - I tried posting the items yesterday but no matter what I did, Animal Jam would not stop loading and I could not play the game.

In the Carnival, there is a Sun Balloon, as well as Freedom Plushies!
In Jam Mart Furniture, there is a new Star Couch.
In Epic Wonders there is a new Golden Sword - what's with all the gold lately?
In Jam Mart Clothing, there is a new Beret. Is it just me or does this hat look really weird?

PS: Thank you for our most hits ever yesterday!


  1. Just a few under 2000, like 1961 or something

  2. O.o for me getting of 200 hits is a good day.

  3. Do you guys support the Jamaasian Movement????

  4. When I started I used to get like 200-400 a day because I was one of the only blogs, then for some reason when I hadn't posted for a year I still got 200 a day o.o

    When I came back I started off getting 800 a day, it is increasing though... the traffic has pretty much doubled within this year...

    You still get a lot more than some blogs and I'm sure your traffic will increase soon

  5. Since 7 or 8 pm last night (EST) I somehow already have about 900 hits o.o

  6. @Anonymous:
    I got a lot of comments telling me to check it out so I did, I do agree with the point that Snowyclaw is trying to get across. I don't mind AJ becoming more human like, but I do dislike the fact that the history is gone. Coming from beta times, I know what it used to be like, and it used to be very unique, like there was a "culture" on Animal Jam, which really did separate it from all the other virtual worlds, which really are just virtual worlds; Animal Jam was not just a virtual world. But now that is unfortunately starting to change...

    One thing I do like is AJ's support - very helpful. I suggested them to stop bringing back rare items and instead, bring them back in NEW colours, and within 2 weeks they did that instead. They listen to what the jammers want, so I do think that all the hype is going to make a change. :-)


    1. Yes I do agree that the hype will make a change.

  7. Can you make the adspot link to AnimalJamExplorers.blogspot.com? The same with the blogroll link. That way I can see how much traffic is coming from this blog, and people can see my custom favicon.

  8. Hey Can u get me free member ship my user name is: alessia8020
    so plz get me mebership i lost my account & ya i can not remember it so plz get me meber ship and if u do i will buddy u on animal jam =(^_^)=

  9. The freedom plushies r rlly nice!


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