Pufferfish Helmet

Hi jammers!
There's a new item in Bahari Bay - the Pufferfish Helmet!
I like how AJ releases series of items, right now they seem to have a pufferfish theme! What do you think?



  1. I also like the themed items Slidoo, but i came to post on a different topic. Have any of you jammers ever learned the history of Jamaa? The stories? The culture? I visit another website that some of you jammers may know of: Animal Jam Spirit Blog. Recently Snowyclaw, the owner, has posted about the history of Jamaa. Have you noticed that AJ is becoming humanified? Cruise ships, water slides, sunglasses, etc., its getting ridiculous. Please visit the Animal Jam Spirit Blog. If you agree with me I suggest you vist this website.

  2. A pufferfish pet would look SOOO CUTE!!! Reply this comment if u agree!


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