Freedom Mask

Goood Morning!                      
Today's Rare Item Monday is a Freedom Mask in Jam Mart Clothing!   

You may know that this item was sold in beta and was extremely rare. I'm surprised that this wasn't going to be resold in July with the other freedom day items. It doesn't even have a *rare* at the beginning of the name like the other rare items recently...
        At any rate, it is nonmember (and looks good on rabbits!).



  1. hey i found two more flying glitches in saraphiana forest and mt shiveer

  2. hey i found 2 new flying glitches in mt shiveer and saraphina forest

  3. This is 1 of the more traditional animal items.

  4. It's nice to see something I have, but more importantly, IT'S A BETA ITEM!


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