Hellooooo everyone! I hope you're having a great start of fall! Did you guys do anything special? :D

I'm sorry this post is pretty late. My niece wanted me to play with her super bad that she started crying, which made me feel horrible, so I played with her for a while... XDD I really wanted to since her and my sister are moving on Friday. I'd be okay if they were moving just like 10-30 minutes away, but no. They're moving like 10 hours away. So I'm extremely sad about that. :c

Anyways, let's get going with todays blog post!


Animal Jam... I don't think there's really any way to describe Animal Jam. It's a place where friendships are made, friendships are broken, a place where people drain a bunch of money into, a place where people are on constantly... With all these good times and bad times, all the joy and all the drama, it can be hard to find balance. A balance between real life, and the virtual world.

Since my sister and niece have been with us and I've started school back up, I've really taken a step back from Animal Jam, which I really felt like I needed to do for quite a long time. For years and years, I poured so much time and money into Animal Jam, and what I've found is that it never satisfies. Think of all those hours we could of spent focusing on our family, or focusing on school, or pursuing a future career.

I'm not saying that we all just need to quit Animal Jam and never be on computers again. What I'm saying is we need to find a good balance between real life and Animal Jam. Just saying, "Oh, I'm just gonna be on computers for two hours everyday" has never worked for me. But instead, pursuing something, focusing on something, has really helped me cut back from Animal Jam. For me, that's Jesus and Christian music. Those are two of the most important things to me, and really focusing on that has helped me not think so much on Animal Jam. And really, when I started to cut back on Animal Jam, I felt more enjoyment in the game. Seeing my friends on Animal Jam felt more joyful then routine.

So, I want to clarify, I am not quitting Animal Jam, and probably won't for quite a long time, and I'm not saying that's what you have to do either. But if we find balance between the things we love, we'll just love them all the more. Plus it'll give us time for family, school, and the things we just love to do. Just wait and see what will happen! I'm telling you, it will be so worth it, and so freeing to break out of your daily routine, and into something God has in store for you. Pray, and ask Him to reveal something for you to pursue. He has great things in store!


Here's todays Bible verse!

1 Peter 5:6

So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honor.

God made you. Uniquely. Beautifully. Intentionally. Purposefully. Wonderfully.

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