Best scenery places is Jamma

ACK! I finished my post yesterday but I somehow didn't push Publish O,O
Ah this post is going to be a little short guys because I really feel like practicing my piano instead of being on the computer DX
But just take a minute to study these pictures and relax!

I really love waterfalls and the bridge also gives it a really nice feeling ^.^
The peck art thing kinda ruins it though.

I just really love the colors here!

Studding everything in this shot brings back so many memories ^.^

I've always really love those lights on the trees! 
Argh I wish the pillbug game icon wasn't there ...

:pauses Spotify music and listens to AJ music: 
Uhh okay, I'm stuck in Bahari Bay. 
I can't leave, this music, is sucking me in. 
Someone needs to come and rescue me XD
This music isn't even on Spotify! 
Ooo winter Jam is though! 

Excuse me while I bring up some old memories 
Also guys, I just listened to tthe Mount Shiveer, and now that I think about it, it sounds kinda western to me XD

I never noticed those rocks in the pathway to the deep blue! :o 

That's all for this week ya'll! 
Peace love ninja's!

*Husky Ninja


  1. I never noticed how pretty Jamaa can be! :o *appreciates AJ more now* XDDD

  2. What Chloe said!

    AJ music is so nostalgic! XD

  3. Oooh good choices, those are nice spots

  4. Mt. Shiveer has amazing music once you listen to it.


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