The Insanely Difficult Christian Music Tag!

1. Top 10 favorite Christian bands/artists? (In order of how you like them)
10? O snap

Owl City (Adam is a Christain)
For King and Country
Toby Mac
The Afters
Sanctus Real 
Hawk Nelson
Citizen Way
Audio Adrenaline
Brandon Heath 
Group 1 Crew 
Capital Kings 

2. Exactly how many Christian concerts have you been to, and who was there?
None D: 

3. Exactly how many Christian artists have you met? And who was it?


4. What Christian artist would you like to see in concert next? (Or who would you like to see in concert again)
Uhhhh sense I haven't been to a concert ..
I'll just say who I want to see in concert XDD

5. What Christian artist would you like to meet?

Agaaain Owl City and For King and Country are at the top of my list! XD

Sorry this is so short and lame! Blogger is being kinda weird and I also didn't know what to post about D: 

*Husky Ninja 

1 comment:

  1. Owl City rocks!!!! ^_^ I’m so glad I heard about his music, he’s my favorite Christian singer. XD


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