Hope you had a awesome Independence Day!

EK! I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday you guys! We went to a friend's house in the afternoon and then got back at 11:00! 
We went to see the fireworks and they were amazing!! ^.^ :O
I wish I could have taken pictures but I don't have a camera. 
I was really scared we weren't going to be able to see the fireworks because it actually was raining a little bit a few hours before. 
Now here are some firework gifs I found! :D 

Oooo It's almost like a fountain XDD 

 I love the ones that explode in to smaller ones!! 



I love the color on this one!

And as I was looking up firework gifs I found this! 
O,O Woah dude

And that is all for today, Sorry again for the late post! 

PS. Happy birthday Adam Young!!!! 

*Husky Ninja 


  1. Happy birthday Adam Young!

  2. Those fireworks look really cool. When I was watching fireworks for Canada day they had smiley face fireworks.

    1. Same except for not Canada Day.

  3. Happppppy (late) 4th of July! Orrrrrr HAPPY (late) CANADA DAYYYYYYYYYY. XD

    Those fireworks GIFs are cooolllll! :0


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