What I got for Christmas! And a Christmas story

Hiya guys! How was your Christmas? :D Mine was very good! :D I got a lot of good things that I liked! :D
You Guys: Stop it with all the smiley faces ....
Me: Why? :D 
You Guys: It's getting annoying ......
Me: Why? :D 
You Guys: because your annoying .....
Me: Oh :C ..................

You Guys: Argh!!

Ok dat was short but I'm sick at the moment with a runny nose. :P
First I just wanna share some art that Swirlio (Swirlshine) made me when I was sick! 
THANKS SOOOO MUCH SWIRL! I love how you did the eye :o (I wish I could draw an eye like that XD ) 

I have such amazing friends :,) 

Ok so; As ya'll know Christmas is over
You Guys: duhhhh
And anyway ... Everyone is asking me what I got and such, so I shall tell all ya in dis post here today XD
Aaaand Sarah's new Camera is being weird, and not letting me put in the picture so ahhh yeeah ....

A Tekno Newborn   a water bottle, a birdwatcher thing, a needle point horse thing, a Wacom Tablet, a fuzzy sweater and socks, caramel and raspberry squares, a big twix bar, chocolate covered cherry's, lip smacker (lip balm) that comes with multiple scents, a horse calendar, a little leather notebook about the size of my hand spread out. A steam giftcard, Oh and a Evidence Bible, I asked for one! :D 

And I think that's it! I may have forgotten a thing or two, but It wasn't anything big I don't think XD
Oh and the day after I got a cold yaaay :P
My favorite gift might be 
Does DanTDM voice: I'm not gonna lie 
the fuzzy sweater and socks, I've been wearing them pretty much ever sense I got them :P
I've ate all the raspberry squares, you only get like, I'm gonna say 10? And their super good :P 
I'm gonna try and save the rest of for the all nighter (New Years) 
I used the steam giftcard, and if you didn't know, Steam is a company that makes a bunch of games. other then that I don't know what else to say about it XD
The Tekno Newborn I haven't figured out how to teach it to do tricks, I needa watch a video for it. 
The Wacom Tablet I haven't used yet, I've been busy :P 
After Christmas is always super busy, with watching new movies, playing new games and just playing with new toys.
Now for some story's! 
:sits in easy chair and opens big story book: 
:talks in grandma voice: It was the Christmas Eve Eve of 2017 I was excited of course ....
now for chapter two :turns page: the next morning it being a Sunday and Christmas Eve, we went to church, it seemed to go by pretty fast, and we didn't stay very long after the snack.
When we got home, we had to wait for Mom to get home, she had to go to the store to get ham. 
But when she got home everyone got excited. It didn't take long to get all the presents downstairs, and before I knew it, we had started opening presents, we put Mr. Boo in the packin'play and he threw his bricks into the gifts. 
We had 3 different kind of presents, sibling presents where we just gave a present to a sibling, 
Parent/Mom and Dad gifts where ya of course give a gift to Mom and Dad.
And presents from the parents to us. 
We started with sibling presents, then Dad wanted to do normal presents, then we did Mom and Dad gifts. 
Dad got about 10 blocks from Mr Boo because he was just throwing wooden blocks everywhere. 
Then afterwards everyone went to their room to sort out all them gifts. 
:turns page: chapter 3! Christmas day! We did "all of the gifts" on Christmas Eve, but I knew that Mom would have 1 surprise gift. And she did, and that's when me and Sarah got our fuzzy sweaters. 
That night we watched the movie Risen, It was really good :D It's about a Roman Solider who saw the death of Jesus and when Jesus rises from the dead, he's ordered to find the body. Very interesting! 
and that is all for today children! :closes book: 
Sorry if this post is kinda, messy, or hard to understand. Like I said I'm sick sooo heh.
See ya'll next week.
*Husky Ninja


  1. My Christmas was very good thank you, I got all the things on my list. :D I got a fuzzy sweater, lip balm (multiple scents/flavors), and a horse calendar too!
    I watch DanTDM.
    Mr. Boo knows what everybody likes, blocks.


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