Gingerbread Houses+Fashion Show!

Heyo Jammers! So a few weeks ago, (Black  friday hehe) My mom brought 3 gingerbread houses! (Thats what ya gotta do when you have 13, technically 11 kids, Boo cant have gingerbread :'( XD) Anyways, me and Ja made one together!
Once we put it together, we waited a bit before putting decorations on, (Meanwhile Nas's and Bunnygirl's was fell down)  And while we were waiting we decorated the small gingerbread people, (A snowman and a person) as well as a tree!
Once it was finally done, Ja outlined the roof!
 (according to her I have 'shaky hands' which is probably true... XDD)  Then we put a few things on, gumballs, candy beads, and the chimney!
We reallly wanted to put purple gumdrops on the chimney (We only had 3, and one was Benny's hat :cri:) But it wasn't working at all. (JA DIDN'T WANT TO PROP IT UP WITH A TOOTHPICK NUUU) (While doing that, Nas's and Bunnygirl's collapsed, again.)

Then Tox was propping something up with a toothpick, and I grinned at Ja, and she got mad at me :) (Not real mad, uhm sibling mad?)
We put the small gingerbread people in their slots, (Spoiler, I ate the tree at the end)
Then she outlined the sides, put a few candies on it, then we went to the front! We put 'mistletoe' above the door, and above that a mint!  We outlined the door, and the window, put a few candies on each, then we put some frosting on the sides of the roof to place the candy beads, so then they would look like Christmas lights! We decorated a bit more, then Ja went to do the dishes, while I outlined the back of it. When she came back we worked on the pathway, made 'stepping stones', then one of the best parts, the gumdrop fence!
Made with just gumdrops and toothpicks!
We added a few finishing touches, then sprinkled powdered sugar so it would look like snow!
And now the picturesssssss

One side

Next side

Front! Benny is the snowman, and Lolly is the person behind him, who looks like she is going to murder him-I mean... BUT BENNY KEPT TIPPING OVER. IT WAS ANNOYING
This morning I fixed Lolly's eyes though XD
We spent 3. hours. on this.  Yep. It didn't seem like it though o,o We finished about 9:42 pm!
So yepp we spent a while on it, by the end we only had 2 pucker ups left yay XD
I really love how it turned out ;)
Comment Call: Did any of you make gingerbread houses? If so, how did it turn out? 

Anyways, on to a fashion show! click here to see it!
Thats all for now Jammers! Byeeeeee


  1. Mmmmmm, looks so good! You and Ja are so creative! Benny as is Bennet as in the little boy who eats people for dinner? ;) The last time I remember making a gingerbread house was in preschool.

    1. You're welcome. :D
      You know who I'm talking about, right? ;) XD


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