Hello everyone!! Happy (almost) New Year! WE'RE SO CLOSE!!!

This post is going to be short and sweet. The New Year is fast approaching! Only a couple new years until we say goodbye to 2017!

So! I have devised a personal challenge for all of you today to celebrate these last precious hours before they slip away!

Rapidfire answer these questions to yourself! Be speedyquick, we've got more to do!

1. What's the best thing about 2017?
2. What in your life RIGHT NOW are you pleased about?
3. What's going to be the best thing about next year?

After you answer these questions to yourself, you're ready to tackle the next part of the challenge. (by using words like challenge, rapidfire, and tackle, this personal challenge is sounding a lot more aggressive than it really is!)

Now, go make somebody smile! Tell a joke, say what you love about them, do something kind! These will be some of your last acts of kindness until the new year!

Next, do something you wouldn't normally do. It's time to get out of routine and make a change before the year changes! Hate doing the dishes? Offer to help this time! Avoiding checking the mail? Make an adventure out of it! Is your room super messy? Do some organizing! Make sure to have fun while doing these things- what good is a change if you can't enjoy it? So go! Turn some music on, and laugh while doing something you're not so big on!

Worried about what's going to happen in your life next year? Don't worry- everyone gets some degree of New Year anxiety! Write down what is bothering you or what you're worried about. THEN CRUMPLE UP THE PAPER AND PUNT THAT THING. BODY SLAM IT. YOU DON'T NEED THAT NEGATIVITY IN YOUR LIFE!

Now that you've done these things- go enjoy the rest of your day with the ones you love and care about! Appreciate them- they love you too!!

Congratulations, you're now a Pre-New Years Superhero! Go pat yourself on the back you hero you!

In all seriousness, thank you for another wonderful year AJC. You all have changed my life and everyday for me is so much better because of you guys! Thank you from the bottom of my harp!

"Arctic, that's not the proper way to say that quote"

Happy New Year everyone! Have an awesome day (see you next year, hahahahahah *dodges a lemon*


See you soon!!


  1. Happy New Year Arctic!

  2. 1. What's the best thing about 2017? idk XDDD
    2. What in your life RIGHT NOW are you pleased about? Drawing :P
    3. What's going to be the best thing about next year? Idk I cant see the future :o


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