Christmas Masterpieces I received!

Hey Jammers! Sadly no update today :( XD I guess AJHQ is on a holiday break!   

Today I would like to show you the Christmas masterpieces I received! XD

First, we have this one by Lostfairy! I love it so much :o The *completely blanks on what the decoration is called*
looks so cool and pretty! :D :D  

This one by Koolestkat! The girl just looks so cute :D ^.^

This one by Swirlshine! I love it so muchhhh it has a keyyy XDD

This one by Graciepopstar9! *Sings* LET THIS BE YOUR HOPE HE IS EMMANUELLL
Anyways, thats all for now! sorry this post is so short, we are about to watch Lord of the Rings! YAY XD  Bye!!!

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