Tales From Arctic Past: Merry Christmas (Eve) AJC!

Hello friends - Arctic here!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE MORNING! Because it's Christmas Eve day but it's the morning? I don't know where I'm going with this...

Anywho! 'Tis the season! Christmas Day is tomorrow! *scree* That means I'll finally know what's in that suspiciously large box under my tree!

I just wanted to say, thank you everyone! This is my fourth Christmas here on the AJC - my how time flies!

Today I thought I'd share some yearly occurrences that always seemed to happen to me on Christmas - but in the form of an AJ Comic!

Enjoy everyone!

So when I was little I thought that sleeping earlier would make Christmas Day come faster. Soon, I figured out that I was very wrong, haha!

So yes. I'd HOPE to go to bed early! See the issue with this was. I ALWAYS wouldn't be able to sleep! Maybe I'd be able to catch a few Z's for a couple hours but I'd always end up waking up around 10:30 (way past my bedtime at the time) and I wouldn't be able to sleep again for at least an hour (which, trust me. as a little kid - an hour seems like days!)

For this entire hour I. Could. Never. Sleep. Instead, I flailed around in my bed hoping the minutes would drag by a little quicker.

I'd freak out at every noise, thinking it was Santa.

And WITHOUT FAIL. I would hear my parents chatting downstairs and WITHOUT FAIL I would think they were having a blast, opening presents without me. (this happened every year too... maybe I wasn't the brightest child)

And of course I would cry - thinking my parents were gonna know what all those presents were before I would even get a chance to touch them. (again. EVERY YEAR. I really needed to smarten up)

And I'd think to myself: so THATS why my parents make me go to sleep early - so that they can have fun opening my presents. WITHOUT ME!

And I'd sit there for a solid 10 minutes feeling hurt and angry until I would think: I'll show them. If I go to sleep, then. Then. It'll be Christmas and then I'LL get to open the presents! Yeah. That'll show 'em. (very poor logic, I know. But somehow it would convince me to get some sleep)

And so - every Christmas morning I would be the first one out of bed! And somehow I'd forget all about my little Late-Night Meltdown by the time I woke up.

Hmm. Maybe it doesn't exactly make sense that I made my parents a penguin in this cartoon, despite my main animal being a raccoon... Ah well, my logic didn't make much sense back then either - I guess this fits haha!

So yeah- there's a snippet of what Christmas Eves were like when I was little! Were any of you just as silly? Tell me about your experiences!

That's all for today folks. Have a very VERY Merry Christmas - see you soon!

Sleep well!


  1. I call it Christmas Eve Day XD. Ikr, suspicious boxes everywhere. Omg this is so relatable.

    I love it so much. XD I’ve read it three times today. XD

  3. Oh my gosh XDDD Thjs is hilarious.. WHY DOES SPELLCHECK THINK I SPELT "THIS" WRONG?? *Sigh* Spellcheck you fascinate me.

    Anyways, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I think after breakfast we're gonna open presents. :D Every Christmas morning before we open gifts, dad reads from Luke. c:

    Yesterday in youth group the guy played a very corny video about being thankful for everything.. It was slightly disturbing and very corny
    I don't know how to describe it
    Everything was wrapped
    Including himself when he woke up

    I hope you have a wonderful day!! :D

    Remember, God made YOU!

    1. XD Spellcheck is right cuz you spelled it “this” like “thjs.” XDDD

    2. Oh my gosh


      XDD Thanks for pointing that out, I would of been making memes without even noticing it XDDD

      Remember, God made YOU!


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