Vine Lamppost and Portal Theory

Hi guys- no, this isn't a joke. I'm finally getting back on track to posting. (But on a Sunday? That's not my day. This will be Saturday's updates being posted a little late- I forgot to do this yesterday; sorry!)
I've been so, so busy with school this year. It's like High School because I set my own, personal standards, where I have to read for a few hours each night, and do my homework. Math is getting harder every year and I have to keep studying it. If you didn't know, I've been put into Integrated Math 1 (Algebra 1, or just 9th grade math), but I'm only in 8th grade. It's pretty difficult but I still want to ace every subject. It used to come easy to me in elementary school and all that, but for the past few years now I've been dedicating hours towards my goals. 8th grade, so far, is the hardest grade, and every teacher wants to assign you homework to "prepare you for high school".
My new schedule involves no procrastination. I used to think that I could've even play AJ even more if I wanted to dedicate that much time to school. But honestly, if I don't procrastinate, it's possible to keep up with posting and hang out with friends. Some days I might not be able to post- and that'll be okay; it can get hard on certain days. But from now on, I am back on track.
Now, the new item (from yesterday) is the Vine Lamppost!
During the last update, a new room was opened: the Forgotten Archive. It is very interesting and includes a lot of Jamaa's lore. I have a theory about the portals.
What if these portals lead to where Zios really is? After all, some people say he disappeared in the Temple of Zios. Maybe Zios left through portals- and here they are. However, whee would he go, and why would he really leave?
I hope you enjoyed the post today. Sorry for posting on the wrong day. From now on, I'll be back on schedule, though. Until next time, goodbye!

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  1. Awesome theory! I cann't wait till the next update, we might get a new adventure :oo


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