Friends Joining The Blogger Community

Hellloooo guys! A few day's ago I looked at a old post of Gracie's and noticed, that I found some of Gfox's first comments! :D
So I decide to look for more old post where some of our friends joined the AJ Community! :D
So let's start by looking at Gfox's!


Zare you go laddies and gentlemen! Gfox's first comments! 

:looks at more old post to find more 'first comments': 

I don't talk to her all that much, but she's still a friend of mine! 

Pob is my/our brother XD

My Gosh, This is taking forever. I've look at like 50 different post XDD 

Crazcatlover's! :D

Ok uhhhh this is a really short post I know. But I wasn't sure what to post about today. Sorry about that! 
But lemme say, I had a lot of fun doing this. I seriously looked at over 250 post. O,O I didn't read all of them of course (Gosh do you know how long that would take? XD) And it brought back a lot of memories! Seeing some comments from old friends. and some pictures from party's :) 
It was just really nice. 

See ya next week! byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

*Husky Ninja 

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