Interesting Things in Mt. Shiveer

Hi everyone I am soooo sorry for the late post, in the morning I had school, and right after lunch we had to do a few chores, then we had to get ready for horse back riding!
Yes I went horse back riding today! :D
My mom said if Me and Sarah pay for the lesson ourself's we can go again! :o

I can't do a long post today It is going to be quite short, but I thought sense I can't do a long post and I don't have any short posting idea's, I'm just going to do some pictures in Mt. Shiveer about some things I find kinda Interesting.
So let's start.

Why is the ice in the middle a different color then the rest of the ice? 

Kinda the same thing here, why is there green and blue water? 
does the blue water mean there it is deeper there?

There aren't any pets that come from the eggs that can sustain really cold weather, the pets inside would die. 

Is the sign saying how high the mountain is?

Is that a picture of a chat bubble? 

What do the letters on these bags mean? 

Notice the cloth on the coco machine?  
(Gracie, are you trying to photo bomb?)

Why are there potions in the Coco Hut? o,o 

And that is all for this week, again sry for the kinda short post, but it was a little interesting right? XD 

So see ya next weeek I have at least one more idea for the random post things XD 

*Husky Ninja


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