A.A..J.A #6 Crazcatlover!

Hey guys! Sarahkey8 back with another post!

Today features the next AmazingAnimal Jam Artist (#6) And it is..


Crazcatlover is just an amazing artist, let me show you a few examples of her amazing art!

I commisioned Cat do do my fox, Snowflakestrongclaws, I was immediately stunned by how amazingly detailed this is! I couldn't stop fangirling! It is just so. amazing!! 

An amazing Animal Jam flamingo! It is just so pretty :oooo I'm very glad to own this masterpiece!

An amazing portrait of somebody's cougar!

This adorable lynx plushie! It's adorable :o 

A humanized version of Graciepopstar91! 

A sketch of my cat Smokey, and Cat's cat (hehe, Cats cat) William! 

I guess that's all for now! Seeya later everybody! :D

I believe this is a portrait 



  1. That wasn't a portrait of me! But I wish it wasDX You were probably thinking of the cougar one she made for me which is displayed in my den.


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