Animal Jam's Seventh Birthday Party!

Me: *Whispers* Hi
You guys: Gracie, why are you whispering? o.o
Me: Because.. *Awkwardly looks around*
You guys: Because why? We can barely hear you! Speak up!
Me: Because people.....
You guys: People...?
Me: Are over........
You guys: So?
Me: They're right behind me.......
You guys: Huh? O.O
Me: They're hanging barn doors up for the den..... I'm awkwardly here on the computer.. I'm for sure not going on AJ while they're behind me...
You guys: So this post isn't going to have any pictures in it, huh :L
Me: I got pictures before hand...
You guys: GRACIE THIS IS SO ANNOYING!! *Turns up her font size*
Me: HEY!! I mean, hey!
You guys: Who cares???
Me: I DO!
You guys: You know what we mean :I
You guys: Yes we do
You guys: Gosh O.O We take that back then O.O
Me: Hmph
You guys: *Eye roll*


Ehehe... Sorry for the short intro, that was all my brain could think of.. And people are over soo.. eheeeee

Anyhoo, let's get going with todays post!

Today, I decided I'd post about Animal Jam's annual birthday party! I'll be showing you all the items, and the party itself. ^.^

Here's where you first walk in! The entrance is lined with statues of the major alphas, and minor alphas.

The other side of the major and minor alphas,

And me on the random leaf that leads to nowhere, hehe!

Here's the first layer of the cake, as you can see, "Happy Birthday" is written, in what looks like icing above where I'm standing. ^.^

There's a little den item shop on the right side of the "Happy Birthday" writing. Let's take a look at the items!

Apologies for the off picture

It's pretty cool that there's some new minor alphas featured in this years birthday party. I'd also love to see a new major alpha. Perhaps a flying animal as a new major alpha? Since we have six land animals, and an ocean animal, I think it'd be neat to have a flying major alpha. 

To the left of the "Happy Birthday" writing, is a little record player, and if you click on it, the Birthday Bash song pops up.

I think 100 gems is a really good price for the Animal Jam songs, if anything, I think it could cost a bit more. 😊

Above the record player, is another shop for clothing items! Let's take a look,

I think we need an AJHQ croc necklace next. 😉😜

A picture of the second layer, standing near the entrance to the third layer.

I wonder how it would feel in real life to be walking on cake, and being able to swim in chocolate down below, hehe!

A picture of me near the seventh birthday candle! I really can't believe Animal Jam is seven already! My child is growing up too quickly. 😥😜

I actually took a picture three years ago at Animal Jam's fourth birthday party, and I was able to find it!

I just noticed that the record player where you buy the Birthday Bash song wasn't there in 2014.

And you can also see in the picture my old main animal, and old name tag.. Why was I wearing a beard? 😆

What do you think about this party? What do you think should be added, or taken away from it? Be sure to comment down below with your thoughts!


Here's todays Bible verse!

1 Timothy 2:8

..I want men to pray with holy hands lifted up to God, free from anger and controversy

Really good verse! ^.^

God made you. Uniquely. Beautifully. Intentionally. Purposefully. Wonderfully.

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