Explanations, Returning Bicycle and Catching Up

Hi everyone! It's Penguin here again. To be honest, I've needed a short break from blogging. I haven't been posting a lot at all this month. I was tired of blogging, even though it is a passion of mine. Sometimes you also get busy (I've been practicing basketball for this season and studying school) and this gets in the way. I'm finally back here tonight, though, and ready to post. This school year will be the toughest yet, but if I get rid of my procrastination, I can accomplish every one of my goals.
Now, today, the new item is available in Jam Mart Furniture. It is the returning Bicycle!
The Bicycle is a cool item and I like its design. But I can't really imagine animals on it.
Finally, while I was gone, there were a lot of AJ events I missed out on. It's sad that I missed these, but that's why screenshots were invented. I've found a few pictures of the Animal Jam Solar Eclipse, and I guess this was a pretty big deal.
This is (I think) the only main thing I didn't experience. What were you thoughts on the AJ Solar Eclipse?
I have to go now, but I'll be back next time. Goodbye!

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