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Heyo peeps do ya'll like Huskies? 
You Guys: ye....

Hello guys, do you like horses? 
You Guys: Of cor......

Hi everyone do you like For King and Country? 
You Guys: Yeah! Their our fa ...........

Greetings earthlings do  you like Owl City?  
You Guys: STOP INTERUP ........

Howdy folks! do you like Lord of The Rings? 
You Guys: WE'VE NEVER SEEN LOR ..................

Well slap my face and call me a pinata, do ya'll like uhhhh I ran outa things to say to ya'll, wait I know! Do ya'll like Cheetos?! 

Well yup yup yup yup and a fiddle dee dee? 

You Guys: Wait wait don't cry, please don't cry!
WAAAAAAAAAAH WAAAAAAH! :Grabs fuzzy husky blanket and sucks thumb: 
You Guys: :sigh: 

Hehehehehehehe that was crazy. XD 
A few days ago Gracie tagged me with a Bible tag! 
I think this will be fun, so let's get started! 

#1: What's your favorite Bible verse?
2nd Corinthian's (Omg I spelled that right on the first try! :O) 
2nd Corinthian's 5:17 If Any man is in Christ he is a new creation old things have passed away, behold all things have become new. 

Because it shows no matter how bad  you are, if you come to Jesus, you are a new person! :D

#2: What Christian song has spoken to you?
Fix My Eyes For King and Country 
It encourages me to be a better person  

#3: What's your favorite book in the Bible?
1st and 2nd Samuel, that is such a good book! 
I was seriously reading like 5-7 chapters a day of  that book because it was just action filled! :D 

#4: Who's your favorite Christian artist/band?
For King and Country :) 

#5: What Bible verse has spoken to you?
2nd Corinthian's 5:17 XD

#6: What's your favorite classic Bible story? (Such as Noah's Ark, David and Goliath, etc.)
I can't choose one, their all amazing! :D 

#7: Hymns, or modern-day Christian music?
Modern-day Christian music. 
But there are some hymns I really love, 
Like Unclouded day, 
What a Day That Will Be 
Those ones get me a bit teary eyed hehe. 

Coolcat also tagged me after doing this, So I will be doing her's too! :D 

#1 What is your favorite day to go to church? 
My church has a bible study on Tuesday, but we don't usually go to that so Sunday :P 

#2 What's your favorite Christian holiday? 
Christmas XD

#3 What's your favorite Christian movie? 
Hmmmmm not sure, I like War Room!

#4 Have you ever been to a Christian concert?

#5 Have you ever been to a Christian theme park?
Nope wait, does the Creation Museum in Kentucky count? (check it out! It's SUPER cool!)

#6 What is your favorite Christian book?
Idk I really haven't read many Christian books, none that I can remember right now anyway D:

#7 Who's your favorite famous Christian pastor seen on T.V? 
Uhhhh Does Ken Ham count?

Now, here are my questions. :D 

1. What is the strangest Bible name? (Person's Name, book name)

2. What is your favorite song made by your favorite Christian music artist?

3. What is your favorite hymn?

4. When was the last time you witnessed to someone? 

5. What was the last Bible verse you memorized?

6. Have you ever lead someone to Christ?

7. What is something in your life your trying to improve on? (Being more patient, being kinder, trying to remember to read your Bible ETC)

There ya go! 

Here are the people I will be tagging! :D
Lost Fairy
Swirl Shine
Arctic Star

See ya next week! 
Have a great week! 
Hope you week goes great! 
Pet a husky this week! 
Ride a horse this week!
And by next week I will have like 3 more tags to do! LOL

*Husky Ninja 

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  1. ...I'd keep the religion stuff to yourself and not post it. You're gonna reply with something along the lines of, "I can post what I want, I'm an author." However, it's an Animal Jam blog, not a religion blog, and not your personal blog. And I just don't see how it's related to Animal Jam. I think the posts with the Bible verses at the end are fine, because it still includes (usually) Animal Jam content. This isn't meant as an attack but it's just my opinion as a reader. :)


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