My Favorite Things In Animal Jam, And What AJHQ Could Improve/Add!


Well friends, that was this weeks crazy intro.. 😝

Any who! How are you guys doing?
Are you happy?
Are you healthy?
Are you breathing?

You may now read today's post, if you fulfill those requirements.


Again, I'm sorry I'm late with this post.
It started out like this-

I woke up, at around 10:20-10:30, and lazily lied in bed until around 10:40.
Then, I finally got out of bed, and had some Eggo's, and homemade syrup for breakfast.
It made me somewhat nauseous, so I didn't feel like writing a blog post.
I did some school work, and I later felt better, and decided to get on writing a blog post.
But then taking photos for this post, took a very long time..
But here I am.

Anyways, let's get onto the post!

Today, I'm posting about my favorite things in AJ, and what AJHQ could improve!
Kudos to Karalee for giving me this topic to post about! I was fresh out of ideas..

Well, here's a list of my top 10 favorite things on AJ!

I think I have a bit of an obsession with collecting Masterpieces.. 
Some are just so incredible, that I can't get enough of them!

Yes. Pet seals is on my list of favorites. 
Their so adorable, and it seems that everyone loves them! 
I'm hoping that one day I can get another one. 

Buddies is for sure one of my favorite features on AJ. 
Pretty much all of my friends are electronic.. Even my best friend.. We've never met, we just text 😆.

I love Sparkle1vy's Art Convention! It's so much fun to try and trade for incredible art, and meet the artists who made them! 
I'm a geek for art, so I "fangirl" over this. Hehe!

Oh the precious Alpha Swords.. My eyes can never stop looking at it.. It's my dream item I shall never get...
Thy Alpha Sword is calling my name...
Though thou can never have one.
I just got all Shakespeare on you. I apologize.

Ah, I had put so much time into getting this.. I wanted so bad to give the second Positive Player Plaque to Coolcat as a birthday gift, and after a long time of commenting on the Daily Explorer, trying to help as many Jammer's with questions as I could, I finally got this! I had a near heart attack when I did..

The art studio! 
The wonderful place that doesn't have lag, that you can draw it, and make your art a masterpiece! Oh how I love that place..

I used to have such an interest for unreleased items, and still do (but not dedicated as it used to be, I used to be obsessed..). 
I think it would be so cool, to have a buddy that has an unreleased items. Though, I currently have no idea who even has an unreleased item, besides AJHQ who has the unreleased toilet item.

Ah, the old Heatwave Party. Brings back such nostalgia, doesn't it?
Parties like these remind me of the old days on AJ (well um, AJ in late 2013). 
I think it would bring me a lot of nostalgia, if the Beta Party came back. That was my all time favorite party!

Hehe. The joy of roleplaying. 
Me and Coolcat used to role-play for hours straight. 
But we got busy, and if I were to do that again, I would get very dizzy from being on the computer for so long 😳..

And that's it for my favorite things on AJ! 
Now for what I think AJHQ could improve/add. Let's get started!

The photo has been edited, editing your own Masterpiece isn't a real feature.
1. Editing your own MP. 

The way this would work, is you click a little button on your own masterpiece, that says "Edit your MP", and for 1 diamond, you can make any edits you need to do in your masterpiece. For instance, you didn't save your drawing, but you made a big flaw, like made something look crooked, or not colored correctly. You can simply fix your mistakes, and spend just 1 diamond to do so! 

2. MP history.

Another feature that would be neat, is having a history of every masterpiece you made, and if you didn't save it, you can still make copies of it. This would be extremely helpful for me!


What's your top ten favorite things in AJ? And what do you think AJHQ could improve? Be sure to comment down below your thoughts! 

And with that, heres this week's Bible verse!

2 Corinthians 5:17

This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!

Remember, God made YOU!

Until next Tuesday, this is Graciepopstar91 signin' out! 

P.S. This post took extra long due to the fact that I had to eat lunch in between... Sorry!


  1. 1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Yes

    1. SAAAMEEE *hugs all the famous artist autos that I have* CX
    2. YES!!! Sure Cold and Dainty didn't have a brain for a while. BUT NOW THEY DO!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
    3. <3 YES YES YES YES, and same. *hugs all my buddies (THIS MEANS YOU!)*
    4. Ikr! Loaf itttttt! Sadly, most masterpieces are for a long collar :T WHY FAMOUS ARTISY WHYYYYYY! lol! Though, I do understand, I wonder how long it takes to make art that good! :D (Some of Artymis's took 3 hours! Some even more I think! O:)
    5. Same! :D GIMMMEEEEEEEEE ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT XD Must.. get.. more.. adopt... a.. pets.. *stares at 2 adopt a pets, one mine, and the others my sis's*
    6. I want one sooo bad! Must... get... one.. lol ;)
    7. Loaf art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARTTTTTTTTTTTTT CX
    8. Saaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmee most of them now are actually promo items that nobody has seen! lol
    9. Yeah, I love the old parties... brings back so many memories *sighs*
    10. Roleplaying use to be my life until I saw the DE And I met my first AJ Friends <3 That opened the door to bloggin!

  2. You love masterpieces and pet seals more than your friends? o3o

    I'm kidding I know you love us :3


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