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                   Hi there! How has your summer vacation been? Well, as we all know, AJHQ has taken some steps forward in improving the game we all love. First, it was about the pigs. Next, the masterpieces. Finally, the Wild Explorers tent. I believe that most jammers enjoyed these updates and will continue to look forward to them. However, in my opinion, AJHQ can still improve on this already awesome game. This short list will not include "obvious" features such as additional lands or better equality between non member and members. Here we go:
                   1. Welcoming Panel/Help Center: This idea is mostly for New Jammers and people who need help. There would be a certain area in Jamaa where jammers could go to get help. Help could be like the rarity of a certain item, how to access a certain part, answers to myths, tips on getting gems, if they need friends and that sort of thing. It would be a welcoming area for New Jammers so they could spawn there. and anyone could access it and answer questions. That way the New Jammers do not need to run around in Jamaa Township or a crowded area where no one will listen to them. Additionally, no trading could occur in this room so that no one gets scammed or take advantage of the new jammers.
                2. Trade Messages: This is when you decline a trade. Instead of simply declining the trade, the decliner would select out of a couple reasons why they declined. Some options could be like "It was unfair", "I didn't like the items offered", "Add more items", and "I already have that item" This would be helpful to players who don't know a rarity of an item or are mystified on why their trade was declined. It will help clarify any questions the trader has. Also, there would be a "Cancel Decline" button because sometimes, you just press that button on accident.
                3. Chat Board: Instead of a Jammer Wall, that feature could be replaced by a Chat board. Here, everyone can see what everyone else posts so if they want to advertise something or look for a clan or some friends, it would be a perfect place to do that. It would be a better place to write encouraging messages or tell people about role playing. The Jammer Wall is often just used for those purposes.
                 4. Dream Items List: This could be another button on the player card. It would list what that player wants. It would be a good idea for benevolent (kind) jammers who wish to donate some of their spikes, hds, that sort of stuff. Mostly, it just shows others what they want and it will help with trading. If one jammer wants something on another person's trade, they can look at the Dream Items List and if they have one of those items, it would give them a much better chance of the other person accepting their trade.
                   I realize that these features may be hard to code and put into the game but I believe that it will really benefit Animal Jam and start improving the game for everyone. Happy Hump Day and signing out,


  1. Woah- I've never thought of these before!! These are all awesome ideas and if I was a part of AJHQ I'd definitely consider adding them to the game. I particularly like the trade messages and the dream items.

  2. Great ideas! I definitely hope these features come to AJ sometime soon!

  3. Ah, the last one would be sooooo cool!


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