Cafe Neon Sign, More Theories and Possible Glitch

Hey guys, it's Penguin here! It's Saturday, so that means I can post again on The Animal Jam Community. Last week I didn't post because I was as sick as a dog. I'm sorry if I disappointed anyone! This week I had a slight change in my Google Plus profile: my name is now PenguinBoss AJ. It's not that much different, but I wanted to inform everyone that Animal Jam is the game I play. But anyways, let's begin today's post. Here is the new item!
This is cool! It looks like AJHQ is continuing the Cafe items.
And secondly, here is another Diamond Challenge on the Daily Explorer. Make sure to enter if you want!
 Here's something I'd like to show you guys: the possible idea of tunnels. I got this idea when SkyWatcher AJ commented something very interesting on The Animal Jam Spring. Their idea was how tunnels could be under Jamaa. This makes sense because could is there a passageway from Crystal Sands to Mt. Shiveer? Then I came up with the idea that there could be tunnels underwater if there are tunnels on land. Just look at this picture. Does it look like a tunnel passageway?
And finally, if you go to the top of Bahari Bay, your ocean animal can go slightly out of water.
Do you think this is a glitch, or did AJHQ intend for it to be that way?
That's all for this post, I hope you guys are coming up with many more ideas and theories now. What do you think about these ones? Comment your thoughts! I'll see you in my next post.


  1. Ooo! You know how there is Canyons Pathway? What if, someday, they release more of those mini-passages in between lands? Like, maybe one between Mt. Shiveer and Crystal Sands? On the Crystal Sands side, it could have sand, but by the Mt. Shiveer side, it'd turn to snow!

    1. That would make it more realistic, in my opinion. Plus, I love those "secret" places in Jamaa, so I'd go there often!


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