Pet Goats!

General here! Today, AJHQ introduced pet goats! They can be bought at the Diamond Shop for three diamonds.

General with his pet goat, Bluegoat
In other news, today's issue of the Jamaa Journal confirmed that the next new animal will be a sloth!

Back in January, AJHQ held a poll asking Jammers which Heartstone the Alphas should search for next. Three animals were listed: a sloth, a falcon and an ostrich. Since the falcon was released back in April and the sloth is coming soon, does this mean the ostrich will be the next Heartstone? General hopes so!

The original poll
That's all for today. What do you think of the upcoming sloths? Do you think the next animal will be an ostrich?


  1. I'm really hoping that the next animal is an ostrich! I originally voted for the falcon but it didn't turn out to be so great.

  2. I really like the ostrich! I had voted for it with my storage account. XD And Bluegoat is really cute, General! ^-^


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