Den Sets

     Hey guys, its me, Cerise. Today's post is going to be short because I have no idea what to put in it and my idea is actually really short. I am sorry for not posting the last couple weeks for my life has been... interesting. Anyways, today I will be talking about the concept of den sets.
        So you guys know about how AJ releases den items that usually share a theme together such as the cafe set or the pixelated set or even the space set. Well, this is my opinion on those sets. Number one of all, I really love them. The detail AJHQ puts into them is incredible and the idea of togetherness really helps avid den decorators to come up with themed dens like a pyramid den or the pixelated den. It is really cohesive and pretty. However, I have one problem with them. The one problem is that sometimes, you want every single one of the items in the den set. So, you go out and buy it and usually they are all the same colors for you want it to match. However, depending on how many of each thing you need, you may end up just spam-clicking to get the desired amount on one of them. So, an idea I have is to offer a whole set of all of those den items that belong in one set and oyu would just type in the number of items for each item. Then, you would just click buy and boom, you have a whole set of items ready for decorating. Today's post was super short and next week's won't be, I promise. SO for now, Happy Hump Day!


  1. That's a great idea! Except, I DON'T HAVE ANY SPACE LEFT FOR DEN ITEMS SO I CAN'T BUY ALL THESE WONDERFUL SETS! XD But seriously. I need more space because I want all the new, beautiful items.


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