General here! Today, AJHQ released a new animal: the sloth! (They walk much faster than real-life sloths do...)

In other news, the Jamaaliday Jam party is returning in three days! Just like last year, AJ is celebrating winter a few months early.

AJHQ also announced pet meerkats today! They only come with gift card codes, so hopefully they'll still be around when General needs to renew his membership in three months...

That's all for today! Unfortunately, this might be General's last post until autumn...but nothing's final yet! Thank you for reading!


  1. Yes, why General? I don't want you to leave!

  2. Why are you leaving? We'll miss your posts.

  3. O,O that General sloth XDD
    So cute!

  4. I'm leaving to go on vacation this week and I'll probably be away until late August. I'll see if I can post while on vacation, though!


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