YAY! Some changes!

A few changes have been made! The banner the little bunny on the homepage is holding changed from green to purple. The YAY! factor: you can say "sorry" in Jamagrams!
Jam on Jammers ☺,
P.S WHY CHANGE PEOPLE'S POSTS????? I'm sooooo MAD!!!!!!;
P.S. I changed your post because it was not very professional and we have always aimed to be just that.


  1. Who edited this!?!??!?!???? Quit it!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ferretlove, just so you know, it is not I that is changing your posts. I am unable to mess with the posts of other authors, as I am only an author.

    - Arctic

  3. Do you mean the Animal Jam homepage? It's still green for me.

  4. This is very useful especially when trying to communicate with jammers when they aren't online!



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