Bicycle and Grace's Post!

Greetings Jammers, Arcticstar here. Welcome to a new post.

Today in the land of Jamaa, we have a returning item. Welcome back the bicycle! This is not a bad item. There are great colour changes, the price is good, and it is for non-members! Hmm... I can only see monkeys able to ride this though. Be sure to buy one today for 400 gems!

Next, we have another post segment by Grace2092!

Lets go over an tutorial to clean our account! It is quick and easy just follow along! :D
1. Go to Account Profile Changer
2. Click "Recycle" 
3. Recycle all of your useless things and get Gems to buy new things for yourself as a Treat!
4. Re-Fashionize the Look of all your Animals~Give it a "Chic" Look!
5. Now that all your Animals are personalized, Lets go to Dens!
6. Recycle any Dens that seem useless
7.  Clean out all your Dens and do the SAME as you did your Animals~Decorate!
8.  Now that all your Dens are Finished we move to the Buddy List
9.  Remove all your Buddies that you either grew distant or have not really put intrest in
10.  Now that you are done with that...  Look threw your Jam-A-Gram Mail. Pick what you need to Recycle and keep the Funny Little Conversations you had with your Friends
11.  Just do any Finishing Touches with your Account and Wala! Your Done!
12.  Congratulate yourself and Give yourself a Pat on the back! Good Job you now are Ready! "For what?" "I dont know either!"

Thankyou Grace for the great post! I should follow these tips myself!

Now for the factual part of this post!

Our word of the day:
Cabal: A secret scheme or plot.
Woohoo! A new word for evil masterplan!

Our fact of the day:

That is crazy to imagine!

Happy Jamming!
Feel free to contact me at !


  1. No kidding! Also, nice job Grace! And Arcticstar too! :D

  2. Arcticstar you are an awesome writer and buddy!


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