Croquet Set and How Much Does a Shark Eat Everyday?

Olah Jammers! Welcome back to another post!

Today's new Spring item is the Croquet Set! I wish that we could actually play it, I think it would be fun! If you want to buy this item, head over to Jam-Mart Furniture.

It is kinda small in a den, but the animation is cool!

Have you ever wondered how much a shark eats? Yes? No? Well, Tierney answered the question with a video, on the Daily Explorer!

Interesting. Have you ever been noticed by AJHQ? For example, have you won any plages or, had your question answered by Tienery?

Last but not least, we have the True or False of the day! 

Komodo dragons are carnivors.

And the GIF of the day...

That's all for today Jammers, see you Thursday!


  1. I don't know why but I don't like buying these for my den. I mostly go for things that look more nature-like. Also because my slots for den items are almost all taken. Grr....

    I do got questions for Brady and Tierney but I can always look at my book that gives facts about animals. How knows? Maybe the answer to my question is in there somewhere!

    For the true or false question, I would say true. Like most reptiles, komodo dragons eat other animals. I never heard that they eat plants and stuff like that. They look similar to crocodiles/alligators in my opinion. Their pretty large creatures, I've heard that they can eat humans! I actually don't know if that's true but..... DUN DUN DUUUN!!!!1


    1. *who knows. Not how knows, silly me. :P


  2. True! Cool GIF too! So... swirleh...


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