Nice to meet you,

Where you been, I can show you incredible things, codes, scammers, Jammer Spotlight...

For all of you non-Swifties out there, hi, I'm Ferretlove36036!
I've been doing cartwheels for the last minute or so... I'm so happy! I'm part of AJC!!!!! :) to the extreme!
A few things about me... I love aerial silks, I love to read, I'm an EXTREME Potterhead, I'm female, I have never been scammed, I'm a Swiftie, and my favorite colors are blue and yellow! I'm very excited to post here! I wanted to mention... THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH ARCTIC!!!! I really love Animal Jam and blogging. Arctic got me here! You are AWESOME!!!!
BTW, members... commit random acts of kindness... to non-members! Non-members get pushed around by us, so be nice! Say "Hi Sparkle/Princess/Miss/Enchanted/Gross/What's their 'first name'?". They will be pleased!



  1. **********IMAGE FROM JUMP.ANIMALJAM.COM****************

  2. Hi Ferretlove! :D Welcome to AJC!!! Imma Swiftire too :DD and I like reading too! Hope you have a great time posting!!!

  3. Oops I spelled Swiftie wrong! XD SWIFTIRE!

  4. Thanks so much, I have a lot to do now!

  5. Welcome to the Animal Jam Community! When you log onto Animal Jam, could you possibly add me? And what are the days that you can post?

  6. im an extreme potterhead too lol

  7. Thanks everyone!
    I can now do video posts!
    I'll post every day except for I'm not 110% sure about next week. I will try and cover everything today!
    Thanks so much for your interest in talking to me!
    Your new friend (hopefully),

    How do you make those username graphics for posting?
    Check my Google+ for a "Coming soon" video!

  8. To make the graphics, you can just search on Google. There are tons of free templates, but my favorite way is to use a great photo editing software called PicMonkey. It's free, too! Here's the link if you want to try it out:

  9. hey i was wondering if I coukd join the ajc crew if there are any spots my teacher says i am an amzing writer.
    srry for typos


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