Now Hiring!

Posts haven't been popping up much lately and that means it's time to look for 1 or 2 more dedicated authors to join our team!

To apply, simply comment with your Animal Jam username, email address that you have a Blogger/Google account registered with, a link to a blog you have written for (if you have experience, if not then ignore this), and a sample post about something such as a new item.

We will be looking for the most professional and active authors possible. Good luck!


  1. Maybe I could try! My username on AJ is swirlshine, and here is my blog link! ( I hope it does make a link, if not, then you can look it up!)

    And here is ( part of) my sample post, about the Safari items!

    In Jam Mart Clothing these days, we have the new SAFARI ITEMS! Yes, now Jammers can buy their own Safari Hat, Binoculars, AND Safari Boots! These items are PERFECT for an adventure OR a hiking outfit! You can use the Binoculars to spots the Birds of Paradise at the Paradise Party, the Safari Hat to keep the sun off your head while capturing phantoms in an adventure, and the boots can be used for climbing steep mountain slopes! Hey, in Jamaa, ANYTHING is possible!

    And there you go! Hope I get picked! It would be an honor! JAM ON! If you think I may be a good author, and I get a comment about that, I will put E-mail soon! JAM ON!

    1. Don't pick her! She puts too many random words in caps which is annoying and she kind of types like AJHQ on the daily explorer.... If you're looking for someone professional, don't pick her

    2. :,( I'm sorry..... but..........

    3. How do you even know if I am professsional or not!? Maybe I shouldn't comment on here anymore..... ,:(

    4. PICK SWIRLSHINE!! She is kind and professional.

    5. Swirlshine is nice! Stop cyberbullying her!

    6. She can't even handle someone telling her that and you expect her to be professional?! She is NOT professional.

    7. You don't know how it feels then. I do, because I've been bullied for the past two years!
      ~~~~~ A very angry Ferretlove36036~~~~~~~~

    8. Ok people here is something to live by: mean what you say, say what you mean, but DONT say it mean!! Swirlshine, I think you will be a great author for this blog!! Haters gonna hate!!! ;3 :3

    9. Oh and other anonymous, be kind!! How would u feel if someone did that to you??? Hmmm???

    10. Oh and final thing, think about this: Are YOU being professional by saying these things???
      Just think about it.

    11. Thank you all so much for having my back! It means a lot! ,:)

    12. They are just jealous of you. "The haters gonna hate, hate, hate, baby I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake..." ~Taylor Swift
      ~~~~~ Ferretlove36036 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    13. Ur welcome! My user is Unikitty777 if u want to buddy me :3

    14. You matter to us! You are always saying nice things in the comments!

    15. Can you buddy me? I can accept by tomorrow night EST.

    16. Hi, I like you, what's your email?

  2. username :laslo289
    I have not had a blog but this is what my opening post would be its kind of short though
    to get to know me a little better I will throw together a slide show for you to show my personality. Now what? Im out of blog ideas I KNOW! the DE (daily explorer) lets check it out!

    All About Jamaa: Deep BlueFairy Sunnybuddy

    AJ Reporter

    Fairy Sunnybuddy here! I want to tell you ALL about Deep Blue! So keep on reading!

    Deep Blue is a really cool place to swim and dive with yours buddies or with other jammers! One of my friend says Deep Blue is the best place to play HIDE AND SEEK with your friends! Its absolutely true! Here is a helpful hint, the large stones can help you to hide behind them!

    When you finish playing hide and seek! That brings me to my other friends point! She says the Deep Blue water is so thriling! It can be also fun, too! You can swin and dive with your friends all day in Deep Blue just thrilling to be in? It’s also fun too!

    When you finish diving and swimming in the water, you can stop by Marine Marvels from where you can get a really cool statues for yours den and you can also get a really cool underwater dens from Den Shop! You can also play Phantoms treasure game to relax yourself! The deep blue also has some mysterious music! Party in the Deep Blue! WOOHOO!

    So did my friends and I persuade you to go to Deep Blue? Well we hope we did. Deep Blue is an amazing place! Dont forget to complete urs Deep Blue Journey Book to get yours AMAZING prize! Remember, STAY SAFE AND JAM ON IN JAMAA! Fairy Sunnybuddy, OUT

    Cool post Fairy Sunnybuddy! Some typos but great description and choice of vocab!
    Well that's all for now! see you in jamaa!
    as you can tell I made that a while ago

    1. that was not much of a post I can do much better

  3. Username: Cutepal
    Blog Link:

    I don't put emoticons such as :) :3 :D because I want my blogs to look more professional. I do use Animal Jam emoticons for them, look on my blog to see what kind. I do at least 2 posts a day, but it is hard for me to find a second post on Mondays because The Daily Explorer makes a Rare Item Monday post and there is normally only one item out.

    Sample Post:
    (Title: Mechanical Dragon Egg/New Item)
    Mechanical Dragon Eggs are now in Jam Mart Furniture! Be sure to pick it up today!

    Sample Post 2:
    (Title: Daily Explorer Post)
    -AJHQ Daily Explorer Post inserted here-

    Sample Post 3:
    Here is the new art I made!

    Sample Page:
    Would you like to have amazing wallpapers for your desktop?
    1. Click on an image you like!
    2. Right on the image!
    3. Click "Set As Desktop Backround"
    Now you may enjoy your amazing new desktop wallpaper!

    Sample Page 2:
    Hey jammers, do you wish you could explore the beta days? You can review the beta days in my blog! Click on the link below to learn about the beta days!

    Sample Page 3:

    (Photo) Buy for $57.95

    (Photo) Buy for $29.95

    (Photo) Buy for 15.99

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  5. Everyone should just be positive :)

  6. 'ello! Catniss here, formerly TheHipsterPanda from the Animal Jam Players and current blogger on the AJH (, and Catniss Rants ( I could consider becoming an author, although it would depend on the schedule you set up for me.

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