Skateboard & Tiger Note

Hey Jammers! Sorry for such a late post, I actually completely forgot to post this morning. Today's new item is the Skateboard in Jam Mart Furniture.

I like those two phantom colors towards the end. Also, I recently got a message from AJHQ telling tigers to go to the Conservation Museum.

I went there, and there was nothing very interesting there, except a ton of tigers. I was sort of hoping a Guide would make a surprise appearance, oh well. ;) Lastly, Mythical Daisypaw was voted out of the fashion contest. Sorry!

Remember to help out by voting out the next jammer! To do this, comment who you think shout be removed next. It's easy! The jammer with the most votes will be removed next. Click here to learn more about the Fashion Contest.



  1. princess cottonbunny needs to go, im sorry though

  2. Princess Cottonbunny or Princess Daisylily. No hard feelings, guys?

  3. Sir Quietpaw, sorry!

  4. I think Princess CottonBunny should go. Sorry D:

  5. I think Princess Cotton Bunny should go sorry!

  6. I'm so happy I got into the six and was shown on your Blog! But everyone needs to go out until there is one left ^-^
    Thank you for the opportunity
    Claudet789 (mythicaldaisypaw)
    I'm not surprised I didn't win! I don't usually get put up for votes XD

  7. Very very sorry but I think princess cotton bunny should be out

  8. Princess Cottonbunny should b out. Srry Princess!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Princess Cottonbunny should be out! lol

  10. Sorry, I'm gonna have to go with Princess Daisylily again.

  11. Sorry- Sir QuietPaw has to go. He's green and all, but he's not St. Patricky...

  12. I know this won't matter because it is anonymous but, I think Princess CottonBunny.

  13. Hi. I'd like to know the font that you used for the Jammers' names. It's really cool! Thanks!

    PS: I'd like to know your opinion. What would be a fair trade for a Dark Blue Fox Hat? Thanks!!!

  14. Princess cotton bunny, so sorry to the person who plays princess cotton bunny, but it's my opinion.

  15. Can someone explain how do you choose which character should be out?
    Game looks very amusing!


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