Jamaacoveries #1 - Jamaa Township

1. The tulips in the spring look like shields.

2.There's a plant growing in Jam Mart Clothing. Maybe there's a window?

3. The floor of the Diamond Shop looks like a giant clover.

4. There's a darkened sign in Sol Arcade.

5. The center of Sol Arcade is in the shape of a diamond.

6. The stand of clothes outside of Jam Mart Clothing never changes.

7. Jamaa Township may have been a field of grass, as a patch can be seen under the fountain.

8. A lily-pad is shaped like a heart.

9. Two Mira statues can be found in Jam Mart Clothing and Jam Mart Furniture.

10. The bricks that make up Jam Mart Clothing may be made of plastic.

11. The stair handle in Club Geoz is out of place.

12. Spider Zapper and Phantom Fighter are the only games in the lands that are hosted through a machine, and an old one in fact.

Found any more in Jamaa Township?


  1. Ooh lots of discoveries to be made just in Jamaa township
    Ps this post is great

  2. Hi! Can you put my blog on the blogroll?

    Sol Lucet in Jamaa

    Thanks so much!

    1. You'll have to get to Pumaa on that one. I'm only an author.

  3. I never knew Jam Mart Clothing is made of plastic!

  4. Actually the clothing changed during December.

  5. Love this post!!! Jamaa-zing discoveries, indeed, Ronen Jamaa!!! Oh and PS: I have something to add to that list? Why couldn't we see any of the other Alphas (Fox, Deer, Seal, etc.) Continue posting awesome posts! Jam on!

    ~neonblueberry =]

  6. this is an awesome new segment

  7. http://tinypic.com/?t=postupload If you go in the water in the bottom left corner of Jamaa Township, the water animation doesn't happen. Your just standing on water

  8. Wow those are very hard to find I bet!

  9. There very cool I wanna find some!

  10. Wow two mira staues she msut be popular lol!


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