Hey everybody!

An updated porch swing has swung into Jam Mart Furniture!
I think it's the perfect size, and the last one was a bit flat. Maybe AJHQ should redesign items that were sold during the beta phase? Just so most people would be satisfied?

Giraffes are finally back. I guess AJHQ just make an animal travel or migrate for sometimes no reason. Just like the elephants.

A message in the Jamaa Journal suggests something is coming. You know what should come? Information about the statues in the Mystery Emporium. We don't know many things about them.
And you're welcome AJHQ! :)

I never thought that after a streak of members-only armor sets, that there would be one available for all Jammers. But it happens, and I'm wrong this time.
It looks so mechanical-y. And the hard mode addition doesn't really affect free players.

And the last page speaks of Earth Day facts and a giraffe exhibit.
The facts are helpful, but I wished there would be new ones.
And something more meaningful should have been done in my opinion.

A new button has been added, but Pumaa should report on that, since he's a member.
And a new Jam-a-Gram featuring crocodiles.

Also remember to check the activities calendar for fun stuff to do during the rest of April and upcoming May.


  1. yay, first comment. Good job today on the post, I feel like today the updates were sort of pointless

  2. I need to report a problem. How do I email Pumaa? I tried and it didn't work.

  3. Thanks for posting, Ronen! Would you mind checking your messages on the forum?

  4. At first I thought that the porch swing was beta I messed it up with a differ one. Still looks beta!

    1. It's just a modified version, not the beta one. They differ, this one is waaaay stronger.

  5. Replies
    1. Not exactly a puzzle, it's something else altogether...

  6. New animals croc jam background earth day on animal jam what have I missed?


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