Egg Beats

Hey everybody!

I never realized it was my cue to post until now. Underwater drums are today's newest item, so whether you like rocking out to heavy manta ray or soothing coraclassic tones, these drums are good for that.

And eggs are the basis of this week's Jammer art.
There's been recent debate over whether AJHQ should stick to the real-world calling of a holiday, special event, or a celebration. I think that, since Jamaa is its own world, that names shouldn't have any real-world input. Not everybody celebrates Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, so hence the Jamaalidays!

And I'll be starting a new series based on my observations around Jamaa, so stay tuned for that.



  1. I like the holidays; they should keep them the way it is. Also, what happened to Hatapalooza?

    1. Hatapalooza was a stand-alone holiday that appeared out of nowhere early 2013. Every year AJHQ creates a new stand-alone holiday every year now. This year's was Denstravaganza.

    2. Ah, I see. How obvious of me. :T I wonder what next year's will be?

  2. Don't worry about not knowing when to post. It happens to everyone some time or another. I agree with you @Nebula Night, they should keep the holidays the way they are. It's fun to have some holidays that aren't real-world based. Oh, and what is Hatapalooza? I think I know this and that I'm just blanking out. Heheh. Bye! :3

    1. Hatapalooza was a stand-alone holiday that appeared early 2013. Rare hats were sold, which were really hats from the different holidays and celebrations. This was a time when phantom hats and jester hats were sold. This event also marked the return of top hats.


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