Rare Egyptian Asset

Have you ever heard of those legendary heroes who has lost a limb in a heroic battle or something? Well, you can role-play as those heroes with today's rare item, the platinum glove!
It was foretold to come back for a few weeks now.

Gloves were first worn by pharaohs in Ancient Egypt.
Glad to know one of my favorite times in history took credit for such a huge discovery.

And if you only have four gems or less, play some rounds of Eat 'Em Up and buy that glove!



  1. The platinum glove looks like a silver glove with a "RARE" tag slapped onto it, honestly.

    1. Ikr? That's wat I thought and I'm like wth (wat the Hades)?! 3000g just 4 some cheapo-mineepo copycat?! Dear gods no!

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  3. You know, AJC, u should add snowyclaw's blog on ur blogroll, even though Im not sure if the blog has at least 10,000 views, honestly, sometimes I think that is kinda mean cuz I think my blog has 0 views well cuz it only like 2 weeks old. Blog: animaljamspiritworld.blog.com


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