Play New Games With Your Friends!

Yay! Animal Jam has added a feature where we can play games with our buddies!

First, you need to find a buddy who is online!  To do this the easy way, go into your buddy list and click on someone's name - But, their name must be green to show that they're online!  Now, click this button that i have circled in white:
Now, select the game you'd like to play:
Now, the player you want to play with will be sent an invitation.

Here's an animated image showing the game Rock Paper Scissors:

I love this new feature, what about you?  Let me know your opinion by commenting!


  1. sir i have commented on your older post's by acedent but i was wondring if we could be frends on animal jam im wolfy60 bu the way my name is Queen Bravestar.

  2. Can you add me? my name on animal jam is DaisyandPrecious

  3. There still missing the trade tab in this picture!


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