Big Cats!

For some reason, Animal Jam has added some "Big Cats" posters in Animal Jam!  Near them, there are buttons which you can click to find out a fact about Big Cats!
Click on that little flashing paw print button for a fact!
I guess this has more to do with that Letters to Lions thing!  If you don't know what I mean, scroll down!


  1. sir i am wolfy60 on animal jam thats my user and this isent about big cat's but your den rocks it's real cool!

  2. hi im wolfina123 dont you think that animal jam is not about getting husbands its about having fun i mean erlier somone asked me if i was single i mean thats sick!

  3. Woah cool! I love all animals from the cat family!

  4. Save big cats! Save big cats! I cant believe people have ruined there habitats and stuff!!!

  5. Hi AJ Its me blossomshiver20265! I Love to spend my gems on big cats because i dont want those horrid people to give them a end! ~ BlossomShiver


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