New Hot Chocolate Room!

In the new Mt Shiveer world, you can go into the Hot Chocolate Room!
Find that cool purple tent, and then walk through the door to be in the Hot Chocolate Room!
Also, there's a new mini game!  Click on the game symbol beside the Hot Chocolate machine!  First, you select which TYPE of cup you'd like...
...Next, select the colour of the cup...
...Now, the type of Hot Chocolate you want!
Mmm!  Hot Chocolate!! YUMMY!  Now add a topping!
Now, one more topping!
When you finish, you'll be walking around with your cup of cocoa!

I like this little feature, but it's not much of a mini game, but whatever, it's still cool!


  1. acutaly i own a big blog on animal jam exept i cant figure out how to get a picure from animal jam ps i tryed to become your freind and you wouldnt exept me

  2. do you still play animal jam? theres lots of new epic stuff like pets and oceans and dolphinns and sharks !:D

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  4. I should have read these posts back then!! They have so much info.!!!

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  6. I have the hot chocolate machine!

  7. There is also a Hot Cocoa Machine! :D

  8. It came out in the diamond shop now! >.<

  9. I had traded mine a few days ago so I got away! Phew! :P


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