New Animal - Seal!

You can NOW adopt a SEAL on Animal Jam!
I named my seal Bouncing Shiverfeet!
WELCOME seals, to Animal Jam!  I love the new seals and I think they're very cute!  Their dancing is unique and very cool!  They're EXTRA cute when they sleep and hop, and they're so cute when they play!  If you're trying to decide which animal to adopt, I suggest looking into adopting a seal!

How to create a NEW animal without making a new account! :)


  1. SEALS ROCK they are soooooooooo cute

  2. they are awesome

  3. animal jam is so cool. hey kids my account is twilightbreakingdawnpart1and2 if u wanna be my buddy!!!!!! im very fair so be my buddy.

  4. It has been a long time since this happened. Now seals turned into non member animals. I'm happy that happened because... it's not fair if the members only get it! Horses are coming out! When's the update over?

    -Snowypaw44 <3

  5. My Seal Name Is Awesome Fastseal

  6. Seals rock!, I got my seal on the first day they came out!


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