New Startup Message - New Animal Coming Soon!

I was RIGHT about a NEW ANIMAL coming very soon!  I just logged out and re-logged into Animal Jam, and sure enough, there was a new startup message!
Also, congratulations to the new Jammer Spotlight, Princess Cutetiger!


  1. and what was the new animal?

  2. Oh my goodness! I remember the "AnimalJam Spotlight." I would always try my hardest to be it, and I still do, just in case that they bring it back.

  3. How funny even though that was so a year a go(LOL) there is really a new animal comming now! neet!

    Find me!

  4. The new animal was a seal :) I definatly remember when seals and Mt. Shiveer came out last year!

  5. I dont get "AnimalJam Spotlight".How does it work?


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