My Past Week

Hi, Hello, hey guys.  (little Studio C intro for ya there)
I know I didn't post last week but I have a good reason! 
I was really sick like most of my family I had a headache when I stood up I would get really dizzy and all of that. I would have been allowed on the computer to say I wasn't feeling good.
But I could barely walk to the kitchen down the hall from my room let alone downstairs to the computer. DX 
I'm just gonna walk you through my past week I hope it's not to boring, ;) plus I uh don't know what to post about lol.

Monday: Most of my siblings were sick so me and Sarah had to help get them, food, put on movies and refill water and such. Me and Sarah were really super excited for Tuesday because we were going to see the new Maze Runner movie The Death Cure. Tox was too and we were trying to make sure we washed our hands a lot and took certain tea's hoping not to get sick before the movie.
I also finally finished watching all the behind the scenes for LOTR XD

Tuesday: Tox got sick he was really down about not being able to see TDC the first time. Me and Sarah were disappointed but still super excited we would still get to see it.
The day included taking care of siblings some more but trying to stay away from them otherwise.
When our Dad got home I was even more excited for the movie but then my Dad said "it's not a 100% chance we will go"!! I was calm on the outside and said "ok" but on the inside I was "AAAAAAAHHH NO NO NO WE GOTTA GO DAD WE GOTTA GO!! WE GOTTA GO TO THE DEATH CURE!!" Ahem yeah I really wanted to go XD
And then he finally announced WE WERE GOING I was suuuuuper excited moving super fast to change my clothes brush my hair and all that. I wore my blogger shirt of course XD (It's a must for things like that)
We went to Mc Donalds right before because dad had some coupons.
When we finally got to the movie theater there was a long line for the snack bar o,o it even went outside for a little bit. But we waited in it.
In our theater there were actually only like 10 other people I think we went to one of the last times it was showing. Also we went to the 7:30 one XD
I was preying for no bad commercials and thank God we didn't get anything to bad :)
The movie was awesome only movie that has made me cry :P
Then of course we went home when it was done and we got home at 10:30.

Wednesday: I felt kinda weird when I woke up but I thought I was just tired from last night.
But nope I found out I was sick. :C
I pretty much just lay in bed all day feeling bad that I missed my post

Thursday: Pretty much feeling the same wondering what everyone was thinking of me sense I hadn't been on Google Hangouts and I missed my post.

Friday: Feeling a little better finally. My mom and Dad went out somewhere at night and Nas had to take care of Boo pretty much all night and I felt bad. Plus I hadn't seen Boo pretty much sense Wednesday. :C

Saturday: Feeling still a little bit better me and Sarah got in a really weird mood and started making dumb jokes and laughing XD

Sunday: We didn't go to Church we stayed home and watched Amazing Grace. (I almost typed amazing gracie again!)

Monday: Still not quite fully better so I didn't go to Piano lessons D: But by late afternoon I felt fully better and got to talk to half of you guys! :D

Tuesday: Felt totally better! :D

Wednesday: I wrote my post about my past week while I listened to a awesome catchy song with weird lyrics

*Husky Ninja 


  1. I’m really glad your feeling better, Ja Ja! I was so worried about you. ^.^

    Loved reading what you did last week!!!

    1. Sorry about that DX

      Yay! I was worried it would be boring :P
      *Husky Ninja

  2. Well, I must sat Im glad you and Sarah are feeling better.


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