Things in Jamma township

Hey everyonneeee
Yesterday I saw the worst person in movie history (Even though he's in the best movie LOTR) DENETHOR GRRRRRR
I'M NOT GONNA RANT BUT IT'S HARD! :resits not to rant: mmmmmm MMMMMMMMMMMFF!

Ahhh anyway umm I just felt I had to do that.
Annnnyway, :signs in a jazzy style: I was walkin round Jamma, looking around for somethin a post, and then I noticed a few not so good things in the land of Jamaaaaa
So umm yeah let's just get started ehehe


Ok there are a few thing here.
1. Why is there a lava lamp by the "sale" sign?
2. Why is there a speaker there? What if it rains and someone accidentally trips over the wire and get electrocuted?!  O,O
3. Not sure it's the best thing to put nice looking vases and (I think) a camera on a table outside the store.

Have you noticed that there are only a few moving parts in Jamma?
The little snowflake things by the Mira statue 

The flags

The rowboat and water

And of course the doors

I'm not sure if those are leafs, or flowers, but they don't seem to match the winter theme.

Has anyone ever noticed the giant tree near the Mira Statue?

Also I just gotta say that the blue scarf makes me think of Mr.Boo cuz he has a outfit that is striped like that XD 
Also the scarf beside the blue scarf, and behind the green one, looks like it's frozen XD

And that is all for today! Maybe I'll do something like this for one of the other lands next week 

*Husky Ninja

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